credit: cherryblue_sky

This warmed my heart.

WrldIndstryMan (6:11:15 PM): or maybe i just know the truth
MorrisonActivist (6:11:54 PM): No.........
WrldIndstryMan (6:12:16 PM): then why dont you try to see us
MorrisonActivist (6:12:30 PM): Us?
WrldIndtryMan (6:13:00 PM): yes were not us unless were together
MorrisonActivist (6:13:45 PM): Whats that supposed to mean
WrldIndstryMan (6:14:29 PM): well im not me unless youre there and i would hope it were the same for you
MorrisonActivist (6:15:06 PM): I walk around incomplete all the time

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