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Willkommen in meiner Gedankenwelt...

6 November 1987
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'Four things a woman should know: How to look like a girl, How to act like a lady, How to think like a man, And how to work like a dog.'

adjectives, airplanes and airports, anthony hopkins, art, audrey hepburn, authenticity, autumn, balance, band of horses, bicycles, big bear, björk, blankets, bonfires, books, british accents, c.s. lewis, cafes, california, carmel frapps, cary grant, chanel, charlize theron, college, concerts, coralie clément, creativity, depth, deutschland, dexter, dior, dirndls, dreaming, driving, dévics, ebullience, eloquence, equilibrium, europe, eva briegel, expanding my vernacular, family, fidelity, foreign dialects, forgotten english, freiheit, gary oldman, getaways, goethe, gottfried helnwein, gottfried wilhelm leibniz, h&m, hair colour, hotels, imagination, inclement weather, innuendos, intellectuals, james mercer, jauntiness, jennifer connelly, jim morrison, joviality, juli, kaffee, lighthouses, los angeles, love, maps, mein liebster, metropolitans, milla jovovich, monogamous affairs, monroe, mozart, music, musik ist alles, natalie portman, negligence of clichés, newport beach, nostalgia, obscure nudity, old films, optimism, osculating, painting, peace, peyton sawyer, piers, poetry, prolonged walks, propriety, psychology, quiet happiness, radiohead, rain, reading, real estate, red heads, refinement, repose, requited passion, reykjavík, rita hayworth, road mixes, road trips, romanticism, russia, santa monica, sara lov, sarcasm, schneewittchen, self-guided improvement, sensible carelessness, shannyn sossamon, ships, sonnets, sophistication, starbucks, stargazing, studying, subtleties, taking pictures, tcm, tea, tea cups and saucers, texting, the doors, the lawndale manor, the occasional cigarette, the shins, the word, thom yorke, thomas newman's opus, trains, traveling, trespassers william, verbose, vocalizing, wikipedia, winter, wir sind helden, writing, yahweh, zooey deschanel